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Good Morning

The first thing I must do is to thank you for your VERY informative DVD ‘Advanced Techniques in Cane Seating’.  I watched it a couple of times before staring on the work (a Victorian Child’s Correction Chair) and went back to it several times whilst working.  Very clear pictures and explanation.   We have now found a Campaign Chair to do for ourselves!

(Antique furniture restorer)


The Guardian Weekend Magazine

In answer to the question "Who can help me to restore rattan furniture?" our emergency conservatory furniture repair kits, materials and website were recommended to the readers.

BBC Homes & Antiques Magazine


In answer to the question "Who can help with restoring the rush seat of my antique rocking chair?" we were recommended by the editor.



25 Beautiful Homes Magazine

An article in answer to the question "where do I buy a good quality antique footstool?" our website and selection of footstools were recommended.

Period Living Magazine

A two page article about the care, repair, purchase and restoration of cane and rush chairs. Our DVD and website were highly recommended, especially to beginners wishing to restore their own chairs.


A page taken from the Basketmakers Association Newsletter

A most unexpected and very welcome recommendation from a fellow full time weaver for our DVDs!

Many thanks, to your husband, for travelling so far to deliver the chairs. I am working away from home and haven't seen them yet.  But my wife assures me they are lovely.

Thanks again for the excellent service and quality of the products. All the best with your other items.

(Purchaser of restored antiques)

I ordered the kit at around 3 pm on Friday and received it here shortly after 9 am on Saturday - amazing service! Following your instructions, my wife and I managed to get the whole job done in about 3 hours. As you can see from the attached photo, there was more than enough seagrass - in fact I estimate we used less than 70% of what was in the kit. Many thanks.

(Purchaser of seagrass kit)

Just over a week ago I received a chair caning kit which I had ordered from your company. I was hoping to repair a pretty chair which I had found at my late parents' home and which looked as if my father might have put his foot through it (his eyesight failed towards the end of his life, he probably tried to stand on it!)

I did a little bit of the chair each day after work, and have just finished it, and thanks to your excellent instruction booklet and the quality of the materials supplied, it looks really good, even though I say so myself! What's more, I have really enjoyed doing it. I don't often get the chance to do something practical and creative and didn't have very much confidence in my ability to complete the job successfully . So I'm sending this email to say thank you - your kit was great, your instructions were great and I'm now going to scour the second hand furniture shops looking for broken cane furniture so I can do it again!

Thank you from a very satisfied customer,

(Our response -What a lovely lady!!)

We have, today, just completed reseating our dining room chairs - given that we completed two chairs with you, that works out at around a fortnight a chair for the rest.  Well, there were some major distractions such as Xmas and family visits in between times.

Feeling a bit smug with ourselves don't you know.  We're not going to sit on our chairs.  Just stand and gaze at them.  Brilliant course, brilliant results!

(Rush tuition client)

Thanks for sending your stool restoration kit - what an easy kit to work with. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow and kept me right all the way. I had been aiming to restore this stool for a while - it belonged to my late wife's grandmother and our cats had reduced it to a sorry state.

No more! Stripped, dyed, varnished with three coats, and now rewoven using your kit. I'm delighted with the result.

Now I'm hatching a wee plan in my head for a new stool with a difference. If it works out I'll be in touch for another kit! But first to make the stool framework.

Hello All,

I thought you might like to see the results of my chair repairing efforts using your kit.

I am sure you will have seen hundreds of similar efforts but I am rather pleased with my results and thank you for your helpful advice and booklet on the subject.


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